Police Department

The Mendota Police Department is a professional and progressive law enforcement agency committed to working with the community we serve in order to provide the highest quality of service.

After a 17 year absence, the Mendota Police Department was re-established in August 2009. Since its reemergence the officers in partnership with the community have been successful in reducing crime and improving the quality of life in Mendota.

New Explorer

The department is currently transitioning to new graphics on black & white patrol vehicles.

Crime Activity Information:
By going online to crimereports.com citizens are able to access limited police activity information for the City of Mendota or any participating jurisdiction. By clicking on “Advanced Search” users are able to modify their search criteria. Users are also able to select either Map or Satellite views. The web site updates its information on a daily basis after it receives police activity information electronically from participating police agencies.

The Mendota Police Department is led by the chief of police who oversees a staff of 16 personnel to include; Records Manager, Records Clerk/Receptionist and Administrative Assistant.  The sworn staff consists of the Chief of Police, One Lieutenant, 12 Police Officers; four of which are Sergeants, and six volunteer Reserve Police Officers.

The Mendota Police Department operates 12-hour patrol shifts.  The Patrol Supervisor oversees the activity and personnel assigned to each shift.

In a two week period patrol officers work seven twelve hour shifts for a total 84 hours.

Patrol Officers are generalists who are responsible for all investigations they generate, are dispatched to or are assigned; there is no detective.  Each officer is responsible for managing every investigation from start through case filling with the District Attorney.

Major investigations such as homicides are handled by the Fresno Sheriff’s Office.

Special Units:
In July 2015 the Mendota Police Department entered into an agreement with the Mendota Unified School District to provide a full time School Resource Officer.  The SRO provides a uniform presence and handles calls for service at all campuses during the school year.  The SRO also mentors students while being a positive role model.

911 and police calls for service are received and dispatched by the Firebaugh Police Department.  Mendota and Firebaugh Police Officers operate jointly on one dispatch radio channel.  Over the years the agencies have established a close working relationship.

The Mendota Police Department maintains a staff of six reserve police officers who volunteer their time to patrol the community a minimum of 16 hours per month.  Reserves are also eligible to be hired for special events.

Applicants for reserve police officer must possess current POST recognized documentation certifying them as eligible to be a reserve Police Officer.  They are also required to complete the same hiring process as a sworn police officer.

Many reserve officers have advanced to police officer position within the department.

Police reports and other documents generated by police officers are maintained within the records unit.

Records personnel handle the release of towed vehicles, clearance of traffic citations and provide copies of reports to the public.

Contact the police department for instructions on how to obtain copies of reports.
Not all reports will be released. 

Explorer Program (Post 9109):
The Mendota Police Department in partnership with scouting provides an Explorer Program to teens and young adults, ages 14-20 years.

Explorers learn the operation of a police agency, laws and policy and the importance of community involvement.  Giving back to the community and to make a positive difference is a goal of each Explorer.  Explorers participate in community events and promote the Explorer Post to those attending.  Explorers eventually earn the privilege to ride with officers on patrol and participate in field trips.

For additional information contact the Explorer Program Coordinator.

Live Scan & Finger Prints:
The Mendota Police Department provides Live Scan services to the public.  In most cases this electronic service replaces the finger print card identification process.  Ink finger prints card services are still provided.

Contact the Police Department for information on Live Scan and Finger Print services.

Community Service Officer (CSO) & Volunteers:
The Mendota Police Department is seeking funding to hire a full-time Community Service Officer (CSO) to help establish and oversee the Department’s Crime Prevention programs and community volunteers.  The volunteers will assist the CSO and participate in Crime Prevention efforts and the forming of Neighborhood Watch and Business Watch Groups.

The selection of community volunteers is subject to the hiring of a CSO. 

  The Mendota Police Department is located at 1000 Airport Boulevard Building A.
Office Hours are 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m., Monday- Friday.
Office: (559) 655-9120.
Dispatch: (559) 655-4294

Emergencies: 911


Gregg L. Andreotti
Chief of Police
1000 Airport Boulevard, Building A
Mendota, CA 93640
(559) 655-9120