Economic Development & Code Enforcement

Economic Development activities are overseen by the City Manager with help from the various departments within the City, as well as the other stakeholders involved on a specific project. The principal purpose of Economic Development in Mendota is to promote a healthy job market, small business sustainability, and business attraction and retention.

If you are interested in seeing what Mendota has to offer, or have inquiries related to opening a business in Mendota, please click on the “Doing Business in Mendota” tab on the left side of this page.

Code Enforcement is responsible for ensuring that the Mendota Municipal Code (MMC) and other laws that apply locally are followed and enforced. These laws have to do with zoning, building, business, and overall health and safety. Keeping these laws guarantees a clean community that looks attractive to the residents that live here, as well as people that come to visit. Having a clean community is necessary for attracting new businesses to the area and increasing tourism.

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This form is for reporting issues related to Code Enforcement. Incomplete or unspecific requests cannot be investigated.

This form is NOT for the reporting of other criminal activities handled by the Police Department. For those type of issues, contact the Police at (559) 655-4294 or if it is an emergency, dial 9-1-1.

Este formulario es para denunciar violaciones del código municipal. Información incompleta o no específica no será investigada.

Este formulario NO ES APTO para denunciar otras actividades criminales tratadas por el departamento de policía. Para esas clases de asuntos, háblenle a la policía al (559) 655-4294 o si es una emergencia, marque al 9-1-1.

City Clerk

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Economic Development & Code Enforcement
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