City Government:

The City of Mendota incorporated in 1942, and has been a general law city ever since. The City government is headed by the Mendota City Council, which consists of 5 at-large elected council members. The members’ terms are staggered, and are set at four years in length, meaning that two or three council members are elected every other year. The positions of Mayor and Mayor Pro Tempore are elected amongst the council members by the Council itself.

The City of Mendota is a Council-Manager form of local government, and the City Manager’s information is available under the Departments menu.

City Council

Mayor Rolando Castro

Castro - Edit 1

Mayor Pro Tempore Victor Martinez

Martinez - Edit 1

Council Member Jesse Mendoza

Mendoza - Edit 1

Council Member Oscar Rosales

Rosales - Edit 1

Council Member Robert Silva

Silva - Edit 2